4 Reasons Why Your Home Deserves a Hero…a Water Hero.

Many homeowners are familiar with the inconvenience of pipe leaks. Some large-scale leaks, and even slow but steady leaks, can cause significant water damage to your home or lead to unhealthy and destructive mold growth. Other, smaller leaks that are more difficult to detect might not cause damage, but can lead to unnecessarily high water bills. All of these scenarios are best avoided. Water Hero, a smart device that can be installed in water piping right where water enters the home, can help.

  1. Leak detection

Water Hero monitors water flow, and uses that information to detect leaks. This means that no moisture sensors are involved, so there’s no risk of a leak going undetected by not hitting a sensor. If Water Hero registers a leak, the device notifies the homeowner, and automatically shuts off the water. For large leaks, this can prevent flooding and water damage, especially in situations where the homeowner is away or is not able to get the pipes repaired quickly. For smaller leaks that may otherwise go unnoticed, this can prevent wasted water, higher water bills and potential mold growth.

  1. Useful features

Water Hero alerts can come in the form of texts or emails. These alerts are sent when potential leaks are detected, as well as when the water temperature is hot or cold enough to possibly lead to burst pipes. In addition, water usage data is available online or through a downloadable app. Water Hero has a battery backup feature, so it will continue to protect the home during power outages.

  1. User customization and control

Water Hero is designed to be an asset, not a burden, so users have control over the shutoff of water. The device is web accessible, and settings can be configured online or through an app. Users can set the length of time for water flow before Water Hero registers a leak. Different time lengths can be set for Home and Away modes to ensure greater accuracy and correct response time from the device. In addition to the automatic shutoff, there is a manual shutoff, as well as an override.

  1. Fast return on investment

Given the impact leaks have on water bills, Water Hero can pay for itself quickly. For example, just a running toilet can cost $100 or more per week. In addition, home insurance providers may give discounts on premiums, adding to the overall value of this product.

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