Owning or Renting – Radon is Not Picky.

Owning or Renting – Radon Is Not Picky.

A pretty setting with a nice commute is great but we also spend a considerable amount of time indoors and we should know what we are breathing in, especially in our homes.  So what can you do about indoor air quality if you are renting an apartment or home?

Over one-third of all housing units are rental units and tenants can find out whether there is radon in their home. Testing for radon is simple and inexpensive, and it is the only way to find out if this dangerous gas is present where you live.


Here are some helpful tips to consider.

First, check with your landlord to find out if the building you live in has already been properly tested for radon. If it has you may ask for a copy of the test results. If your building has not been tested you can ask your landlord to test, test yourself or hire a certified radon testing professional.

Radon test kits are available, easy to use and are your first course of action in understanding if your residence has a high radon level.  Test kits can be purchased at https://www.radon.com/ordernow/ .

Once the test has been completed, fixing a radon problem is generally the landlord’s responsibility to keep the property safe for the tenants.  A certified radon mitigator is who to contact to fix high radon levels. To find a certified radon mitigator visit https://www.radon.com/findpro/  and enter your zip code.

So take the first step today and test for radon, your family will be grateful that you did.


For more information regarding how to address radon in your residence the EPA has produced “A Radon Guide for Tenants” that can be found at


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