Common Radon Testing Methods

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Radon detection is impossible without the use of proper radon testing. In fact, this radioactive gas cannot be seen, smelled or tasted. There are two methods when it comes to detecting radon concentration levels – short-term and long-term radon testing.

Short-Term Radon Testing

Whether you’re a property owner or home owner, it’s crucial to know what the radon exposures could be. Short-term tests typically take two to four days and these results offer insight into the radon levels of the home. Please keep in mind that radon levels vary from season to season so they may not provide sufficient information to your home or business’ year-round radon levels.

Long-Term Radon Testing

Long-term radon testing kits are placed within the home or business for a period of 91 days or more. This is a more reliable method as the longer duration compensates for the day-to-day radon fluctuations.

The EPA has created a set of guidelines so property owners can properly implement the correct radon monitoring program:

  • If you’ve found results over 4pCi/L during a short-term test, take a follow up radon test.
  • To fully understand the year-round radon levels, take a long-term test.
  • If you’re in need of quick results, use a short-term test.
  • If you decide to follow up with a long-term test and still have radon levels over 4pCi/L, make sure you undergo radon mitigation.
  • If you decide to follow up with a second short-term test and still have high levels of radon, make sure to fix your home.

Continuous Monitors

Continuous monitors are another method frequently used by radon professionals to detect high-levels of radon gas. These work by providing a readout of radon levels with a higher sensitivity than short and long-term tests, taking into account temperature and humidity. Active monitors are a more costly than other radon testing kits, but they are very reliable.

It’s important to note that you should test for radon in the lowest occupied level of your home or building. Each radon monitor/testing kit comes with a full set of instructions.

Contact RadonAway for Radon Testing & Kits

RadonAway offers a wide-range of radon products, including both short-term and long-term testing kits. If you discover that your home has high radon levels and you’d like to have a professional come to your property and install a radon mitigation system, fill out our Find a Radon Professional form. We work with radon contractors who have years of experience providing reliable radon mitigation services.

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