The Benefits of Using an Active Radon System

radon mitigation system

Radon systems are specifically designed to remove radon and other harmful soil gases from entering your home’s living area through the home slab or basement and affecting your family’s health. There are two types of radon removal systems: active and passive.  Passive radon systems do not have a radon fan as part of the system but rely on natural pressure differentials between the subsurface (soil) and the home interior.

Major Advantages of Using a Fan on a Radon Mitigation System

Using a radon fan on a radon system (making the radon system “active”) has numerous benefits:

  • Removes moisture before it enters the house
  • Provides better control of the pressure differential between the home interior and soil
  • Runs automatically with no homeowner maintenance
  • Costs just pennies per day to operate
  • Runs quietly and unobtrusively
  • Dries slab and basement from the ground up (a drier sub-slab is less conducive to termites and other pests)

How to Select a Fan

When you contact a radon professional to mitigate your home for radon gas, they will select the ideal fan model for the job based on their diagnostics in your home and their experience in the field. Several factors contribute to your radon professional’s decision when choosing the right fan model for your home. These factors include the size of the home’s footprint, soil type present beneath the home, radon levels, and the need for multiple suction points.

Where to Place the Fan

There are two primary places to install a radon fan, interior and exterior. Typically, an interior installation of an active radon system, where the fan often is located in the home’s attic, is chosen for new construction projects and some renovations. An exterior installation, where the fan is installed unobtrusively on the rear or side of the home, is typically employed for existing homes requiring radon mitigations

Remember you should always contact a radon professional to have your radon system installed in your home.

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